Cooling Efficiency Report

Cooling Efficiency Report (1)



The Efficiency Report Card is a service to assess the effectiveness of the current data center cooling infrastructure.  Measurements of temperature, airflow and power utilization in key areas provide data to compare to industry benchmarks and best practices. Based on the data collected, specific actions are suggested for improvement.

Our Cooling Specialist will take readings at your CRAC/CRAH units, cold aisles, hot aisles and other locations in the data center. The collected data will be used to create metrics, such as Delta T’s and Efficiency Ratios. These metrics are then compared to industry bench marks to provide a relative snapshot of the current cooling efficiency.

Specific action items will be created based any problem areas identified. All suggested actions are based on best-practices proven to counteract the specific issues discovered. The purpose of the Efficiency Report Card is to maximize the performance and efficiency of the cooling infrastructure so adding additional capacity will not be a corrective action.



  • Achieve Higher Delta T Of Supply And Return Air For Higher Capacity And Efficiency
  • Minimize Bypass Airflow Which Is Wasted Cooling Capacity
  • Identify Airflow Issues Which Result In Hot Spots
  • Determine The ‘Actual’ Cooling Capacity Of Cooling Units
  • Identify Best Cooling Best Practices Which Can Improve Efficiency




  • Increase Cooling Capacity, Even Above What Is Stated On Cooling Units
  • Improve Reliability Of Servers By Ensuring Optimal Operating Environment
  • Avoid Costly Investments On New Cooling Units By Maximizing Existing Infrastructure
  • Improve Efficiency Without Downtime Or Disruption
  • Save 15 To 50% On Energy Costs For Cooling