Data Center Cleaning. Maintenance. Remediation.

Data Center Cleaning. Maintenance. Remediation. (1)



Data Center Resources Takes the Risk out of Having Your Data Center Cleaned

For Data Centers, Computer Equipment Rooms, Server Rooms, MPOE Rooms, Demarcation Rooms, Central offices, Data Storage Rooms, AMP Sites and Telecommunication Rooms.

One of our highly specialized cleaning technicians will visit your location and inspect your clean rooms, server rooms and other sensitive data storage areas. The initial inspection will give our technician the information needed to offer solutions for the proper maintenance and cleaning. Data Center Resources will identify contamination and other threats that could cost you in reduced productivity, customer satisfaction and lost revenue. DCR uses proven techniques to remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants from your controlled environment. Not only the ones you can see, but more importantly the hidden ones you can’t see.



  • Data Center Cleaning
  • Sub-Floor Cleaning
  • Sub-Floor Sealing
  • Equipment And Above-Floor Cleaning
  • Above-Ceiling Cleaning
  • Anti-Static Floor Cleaning & Restoring
  • Anti-Static Floor Stripping & Refinishing
  • MEP Room Cleaning
  • Zinc And Tin Whisker Remediation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Environmental Audits And Reporting
  • Inspections
  • Air Particle Measurements



  • Data Center Resources Only Uses Approved Anti-Static And Static Dissipative Cleaners Specifically Created For Your Critical Environment.
  • Our Commercial Professional Grade HEPA Vacuums Are 99.97% Efficient At Filtering Particulates Measuring 0.3 Microns And Larger With 1197 Sq. In. HEPA Filtration Area.
  • We Use Distilled Filtered Water And Anti-Static Cloths, Wipes And Mops.
  • The ISO 14644 Series Of Standards (14644-1 To 14644-8) Are A Series Of Documents That Establish Various Classifications For Cleanliness. This ISO Standard Differs From Another Standard Developed By The U.S. Government Called FS209E. The Yardstick For Measuring Cleanliness Is The Amount (In Size And Number) Of Microscopic Particles Found Per Cubic Meter Of Air. A Small Amount Of Very Small Particles Means And Extremely Clean Environment.
  • Most Data Centers Need To Be Kept Clean So They Meet ISO Class 8 Or 9 Standards. Class 8 Allows 3.52 Million 0.5μm Particles Per Cubic Meter, While Class 9 Ramps Up The 0.5μm Particle Size Allowance By A Factor Of 10, Up To 35.2 Million Particles Per Cubic Meter Of Air.
  • Certified In Data Center Cleaning
  • Highly Vetted And Background Checked
  • US Citizens
  • Technical Backgrounds
  • Understand The Data Center Environment
  • Our Disaster Recovery Crews Are Available 24 Hour A Day To Clean Anytime A Disaster Strikes Your Critical Environment.
  • Whether It Is Fire, Flood, Fire Suppressant Discharge Or Any Emergency That Disrupts Your Normal Operations.