AC Line Voltage Detection

AC Line Voltage Detection (1)

Monitoring AC line voltage in IT environments.
















Unexpected system downtime is incredibly costly to a data center.

A study from Ponemon Institute in 2013 showed that the average cost of data center downtime is approximately $7,900 USD per minute and rising. Average incident lengths are approximately 86 minutes, resulting in an average cost per incident of approximately $679,400 USD.

REGY provides sensor monitoring platforms assisting in the prevention of system downtime by proactively alerting staff to maintain equipment and taking automated, corrective actions.




AC Line Voltage Alerts & Notifications

Create alerts and notifications to automate corrective action. Automatically start backup power systems such as generators. shut down non-essential servers using sophisticated software scripting and sending email or SNMP traps to maintenance teams.

Once the main AC service line has been restored, use notifications to safely turn off backup power systems, wake up servers in standby mode as well as automatically documenting the downtime recording battery and generator runtimes for maintenance purposes.


Sensors Notification Wizards

A wide variety of notification actions can be created to automate corrective action on specific sensor events.