Cellular Network Communications

Cellular Network Communications (1)

Cellular Network Communications GSM GPRS


REGY understand the challenges related to distributed network installations. REGY designs and manufactures complete, off-grid system solutions that allow you to monitor remote sites, even over a cellular network.

REGY’s on-board SIM-Modem ensures that your system is able to send and receive :

  • New User / Card Data
  • Cabinet or Door Permissions,
  • Remote Unlock Actions,
  • Remote Access Logs,
  • Sensor Data Logging,
  • Alerts and Notifications,
  • Remote Site CCTV Video Capture and more…

Buffer events and send when network connectivity has been restored

Our intelligent remote site hardware allows you to schedule, not only when this information is sent but what information is transferred to the central office. This helps to lower cellular network costs by decreasing bandwidth requirements and increases the overall system efficiency.

If the data link between the central server and the remote site hardware is interrupted. The remote site hardware will collect and store all access, sensor and video information locally and send it once communication to the central server has been restored.

REGY access control operates autonomously with no need for communication to a central server. To authenticate user access, the remote controller contains a complete database of up to 20,000 users.

Send compressed data only when needed to lower operation costs

Each communication packet sent between the AKCess Pro Server central management software and the remote REGY controller is compressed to save cellular network bandwidth transfer.

Uncompressed Remote Site Video

Off-grid rechargable power supply and battery monitoring

REGY remote units can be used off-grid with a solar panel and battery charge controller. When in ultra low power mode, REGY remote units draw a very limited amount of power from the battery. This not only extends the life of the battery due to lowering heat dissipation, but also limits the amount of time taken to recharge the battery. This comes in useful in days of limited sunlight hours.

Temperature and Battery Health monitoring sensors can be added to check battery health so that scheduled maintenance can be arranged before power outages occur.

Add Environment Monitoring Sensors

Wireless communications infrastructure and remote telecom tower sites contain a range of equipment that needs to be monitored and protected against theft and damage. REGY manufactures a complete range hardware and software monitoring products for equipment found at remote sites.

REGY’s range of intelligent sensor hardware can monitor a variety of parameters in telecom tower sites. Parameters such as :

  • Temperature,
  • Humidity,
  • Air Flow,
  • Water Leaks,
  • Motion,
  • Vibration,
  • Dry Contacts,
  • AC or DC Power,
  • Third Party 4-20mA Sensors,
  • Fuel Sensors,
  • Smoke Detectors and more…

Certain environmental and third party equipment conditions can be detrimental to site efficiency and must be monitored 24/7. Alerts should also be generated when sensors go outside of pre-defined limits.

REGY’s Virtual Sensors collect data from third party equipment and can also use the information to send out alerts. Virtual Sensors can be configured to poll data via :

  • SNMP Get / SNMP Receiver
  • Custom BASH / PERL Scripting
  • PING
Remote Site Controller for SNMP Data