CRAC Water Leak Detection

CRAC Water Leak Detection (1)

Single & Multi-point Water Leak Detection for CRAC Units.


Monitor CRAC Water Leaks.

Monitor air conditioner water leaks in server rooms. Water leaks can lead to system failures and unwanted downtime. Use sensor notifications to detect water leaks in small, medium or large areas.

Combine with temperature, air flow and dry contact status monitoring to collect real time computer room air conditioner CRAC status.


Sensor Alerts and Notifications can be sent when water has been detected. If for some reason a cable becomes dislodged or damaged, an error status will alert server room maintained personnel to the fault.



AKCP manufacture a range of water leak detection sensors for use in computer rooms, server rooms and large scale data centers. AKCP sensors can be placed on a number of surfaces and mounted in raised floor air conditioning ducts. For self-contained rack air conditioning units, rope detection sensors are an invaluable asset in protecting against localized water leaks.


Tabbed screw holes for simple mounting on any surface. Dual sequence LED for sensor warnings. RJ45 Plug and Play connectivity.


There are three types of water detection sensor provided by AKCP.

  • spotWater Sensors – single point detection
  • ropeWater Sensors – single point detection
  • locateWater Sensors – multiple detection points

Water Detection Alerts & Notifications

AKCP provide a wide range of notifications, not limited to email, snmptraps, automated telephone calls and sms messages (when using AKCP’s optional USB or Internal 3G Modems). Additional automation can be performed such as shutting down one CRAC unit and stabilizing server room temperatures with another CRAC system until maintenance personnel can resolve the water leak. Add siren strobe alarms to draw immediate attention to water detected within mission critical areas of a data center.


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