Modular System

Modular System (1)

Modular System


Modular locking solutions for data cabinets

REGY allow you to start with a basic package to enable monitoring and access control over a single site. Expand to 100,000 cabinets, one at a time. Each computer cabinet can be monitored using REGY Pro Server.

REGY Pro Server automatically recognizes locks, cameras, sensors, and access control hardware. It’s instantly compatible with thousands of third party IP cameras. The REGY Pro server allows you to send a range of notifications based on lock or sensor events, including recorded video events sent via email or an MMS.

Monitor existing equipment or add additional sensors

It’s easy to integrate with existing solutions using SNMP, MODBUS & Virtual Sensors or add additional…

REGY makes it easy to add a wide range of sensors and automate corrective action, apply software updates and distribute notifications to all of your remote sites.

Create schedules that power off lights and equipment in unoccupied sites, enable or disable an engineer’s access, reboot unresponsive equipment and even unlock sites remotely.

Sensor Summary



  • REGY Base Units
  • High Resolution Digital Cameras,
  • Environmental Sensors,
  • Siren Strobe Alarms,
  • Electronic Locks
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • REGY Access Control
  • Smoke Detectors,
  • Power Meters,
  • Relay Switches,
  • Proximity Readers
  • and more…


The REGY Pro Server monitors all of your remote sites over any number of regions or locations.

For cabinets located in remote locations REGY design and manufacture complete, off-grid system solutions that allow you to monitor remote sites using a cellular network.

REGY’s on-board SIM-Modem ensures that your system is able to send and receive :

  • New User / Card Data
  • Cabinet or Door Permissions,
  • Remote Unlock Actions,
  • Remote Access Logs,
  • Sensor Data Logging,
  • Alerts and Notifications,
  • Remote Site CCTV video capture and more…

Sensor Summary





Access database and logs stored remotely on each control unit.

REGY’s access control hardware does not need a connection to the central server to authenticate user access to each site after having been configured.

REGY’s Access Control system can also administer remote site engineer access. Card numbers can be collected and sent back to the central server for administration in real time.

Access Mapping

No data is lost during network outages

If the data link between the central server and the remote site hardware is interrupted. The remote site hardware will collect and store all access, sensor and video information locally and send it once communication to the central server has been restored.

Access authorisation on a time of day, and day of week basis is stored for each employee and for each cabinet

Access Permissions can be added, amended or revoked at any time.

Updates to Access Permissions are distributed to all cabinets locations from the server. No additional maintenance teams are required.

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