Smart Rack

Smart Rack (1)


Add smartRack bundles to your base unit configuration





Current Monitoring

Monitor the power being consumed by your computer
cabinet, or individual appliances.
Over Current Alert
Ensure you are not getting close to tripping your circuit breaker and bringing your whole cabinet down.
UPS Battery Drain
When running your cabinet on backup UPS power, it is important to monitor the battery drain, rate of drain and be able to shutdown power hungry or none-essential equipment to maximize UPS battery life.
Calculate your PUE
Use the data collected on power consumption to calculate your data centers Power usage Efficiency, helping to save money and lower your carbon footprint.
Thermal Map
Eliminate hotspots and control cooling in your cabinet
Thermal Maps are available in temperature only, or dual temperature and humidity. Place one at the front and a second at the rear of your cabinet to monitor the inlet and exhaust air temperatures at the top, middle and bottom of your cabinet. Get an accurate picture of your racks temperature and hotspots to identify potential problem areas or cooling savings.
Access Control
Designed with a universal fit, it can be attached to most industry standard cabinets.
Manage access priviliges, schedules, generate reports and receive alerts through REGY Pro Server management software
Many cabinets have removeable side panels. Protect these by adding an 4x security sensors and be alerted when side access panels are removed.
Cameras integrated with REGY Pro Server monitor your cabinet and synch access events together with video to verify who accessed and when.
Fire Suppression System
REGY’s patent pending Fire Suppression System will automatically shutdown the power to your cabinet in the event of smoke being detected.
This removes the heat source of the fire. An optional cabinet contained gas extinguishant cannister can be added to flood your cabinet with fire
suppressing gas. This is safer than the traditional approach of flooding the entire data center with potentially lethal gas.